I ask questions and seek answers about the extraordinary natural world and the scientists who study it. I share my findings with curious kids through lively nonfiction books and articles. Through my writing I aim to connect children with nature, inspiring them to explore and ask their own questions.  More … about

Coming Spring 2020

I’m thrilled to be working with the team at Dawn Publications on my first picture book.   WHAT’S THIS TAIL SAYING? gives children a chance to look and listen for clues, before guessing what messages animals, like this peacock, are sending with their tails.  Please check back for more details as the release date, spring 2020, approaches. (Photo by Milind Ruparel on Unsplash))

Wild Bookshelf

If you’re searching for nature-focused nonfiction books to share with children, please visit my Wild Bookshelf.  It’s stocked with brief summaries of recent books and what I love about them. (Photo by Hitoshi Suzuki on Unsplash)

Nature Blog

If you’re in need of a nature fix, please come along as I explore and share the wilderness around Mid-Michigan in my blog Walking with Aspen.

Please stay tuned:

I’m excited to be working with the talented team at The Tempel Lipizzans in Illinois.  They are helping me with research for a new nonfiction picture book about the life of a Lipizzan horse, one of the famous dancing horses.